Can you make Sports Betting a Career?

Sports betting is a proper career and a lot of people adopt it for a living. However, they are very few who actually make huge profits out of it. It can surely be a full-time job, but you need to keep some basics in mind to begin your sports betting career. A lot of people do not ponder on the basics and eventually lose everything from a single bet. In the following article, we will discuss some basics of sports betting that a person should keep in mind if they want to set sports betting as their only career. 

Set a Bankroll

In order to begin your sports betting career, the first thing you need to do is set your bankroll. If you make a profit from several bets after spending some time in the betting world, the next thing you need to do is limit your wager and gradually increase it. A lot of people think of betting as putting maximum money on the favorite side and making the most out of it. However, professional bettors never do this. 

To become stable in this business you need to set a rule for yourself for not increasing some specific wagers, even when it attracts you the most. Just because a matchup looks really charming to you, does not mean that you should put all your money into it. For a long-term career to grow, you need to be patient and wait for the process. 

It is possible but Difficult

You can become a full-time sports bettor and start making money out of it. However, getting rich by betting on several games only, is another story. There are very less chances that you will become very rich by placing bets only. You need to have a solid long term strategy which includes making use of bonus bets from various bookie such as Dafabet or 10Cric to increase you betting ROI. In order to get the better out of a year, you need a bet score of 52%, which is very difficult to achieve. On the other hand, people sometimes hit more than a 60% win rate as well. This is the point when they become rich and make a lot of money through betting only. 

However, there will always be a cold year for a bettor when they keep on losing on every single game they bet on. These are the times that cost them a heavy chunk of their banks. If you are thinking about making sports betting your only career, you should be aware of the reality that there will be good times and bad times. Therefore, you should always limit your wagering, so that helps you sustain in the bad times. If you keep on following the limit you set for yourself, then there are fewer chances of going blank, even in the hardest times. 

Sports Betting is here to stay

In order to begin your sports betting career, you must have a solid bank balance to get more successful. You can never earn huge profits if you don’t have enough money to bet on. Similarly, as we mentioned earlier that there will be tough times in the betting business. You can only survive those times if you have a solid bank balance. 

Sports is a natural world process that is going to stay forever. People are never going to quit sports and this business would never die. Similarly, sports betting is just a part of sports itself. Therefore, this business is in the market as long as sports are. If you are not ready yet to enter the sports betting world, you should wait and gather some money to enter this business. 


In conclusion, we would like to say that sports betting is surely a career many people follow. However, the success rate of this career is very less and only some fortunate members became millionaires out of it. We would never say that this business is not good and does not work in the real world. If you are thinking about making sports betting your only professional path, you must have a bank balance through which you can thrive in the worst of times. Therefore, we would conclude that sports betting is surely a proper career, but all you need to do is define yourself and your limits in it.

Marlene Fernandez